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NEW Mini Pickleball!
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Feel the difference! Play better‚ FASTER! Made of Soft Rubber/Not Hard Plastic

Introducing: The Bzer Mini Pickle Ball

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What you can expect to see when you warm up with BZER

Improves your Focus

Better Ball-Paddle

Use it for

Good for

Even Works For

Try a Full Court Game
With It

So how does BZER work?

Good question. Here’s the answer:

The Bzer Sports patent-pending product line and technique were developed by pickleball student Edward Beazer and his coach Jake Ralphs. In the process of training, the two realized that the introduction of both a smaller ball and paddle served to dramatically improve player hand-eye coordination, consistency, and accuracy, and the Bzer product line, including the mini pickleball dubbed “The Bzer,” was born.

A simple 5 to 10 minute warm-up with the Bzer system wakes up the part of your brain that boosts focus and precision—and you will be amazed at how your performance improves.

Perfect for pros and players

of every level…

What Customers are saying

Bill Miller

I demonstrated dinking with the mini-pickleballs and had my 6 players (for a semi-private lesson) try them and they all liked hitting them. We find them to be great for hand-eye coordination drills

Marsha Vincent

I’ve already bought several packages and given to friends. I think they have helped my game 40%

Thomas Costa

I’m getting great feedback and love using them myself. I really think you’ve got something great here.

Matt Moore

I’m an advocate for your product. Big fan and totally support it.

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