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How Bzer came to be…

The BZER Innovation

The Bzer Sports patent-pending product line and technique were developed by pickleball student Edward Beazer and his coach Jake Ralphs.

In the process of training, the two realized that the introduction of both a smaller ball and paddle served to dramatically improve player hand-eye coordination, consistency, and accuracy, and the Bzer product line was born, including the mini pickleball dubbed “The Bzer.”

Our Journey with BZER

As those in the sport know, keeping a proverbial “eye on the ball” is a fundamental requirement for play: failing to do so for even a fraction of a second can lead to a break in concentration and, ultimately, missed shots. As Ed and Jake warmed up for their pickleball games with a smaller ball, they noticed a dramatic and near-immediate improvement in both their hand-eye coordination and reflexes, both of which are critical in pickleball. The smaller size and lightweight composite of our Bzer warm-up ball leads to increased follow-through on each stroke, thereby reducing net shots and increasing the likelihood of continued play that leads to scored points.

With a more fixed focus on stroke, players will see fewer unintentional punches and drastically improved ball placement.